LED拼接墙 ■ 模块化的结构设计,使安装及维护更方便,并节省维护成本 ■ 能够播放视频、图片、文字等各种宣传素材,用途广泛 ■ 智能亮度调节系统,防止能源浪费和光污染扰民 ■ 色彩、亮度一致性好,无马赛克现象;真实还原色彩,画面感更强;画质细腻,观看更舒适 ■ 超宽视角,显示屏可视范围更大,任意角度观看画面均清晰可辨 ■ 可分为户外LED显示屏和室内LED显示屏

LED splicing wall
■ modular structure design makes installation and maintenance more convenient and saves maintenance cost
■ be able to play videos, pictures, words and other promotional materials, with a wide range of uses
■ intelligent brightness regulation system to prevent energy waste and light pollution
■ good consistency of color and brightness, no mosaic phenomenon; real restoration of color, stronger picture sense; fine picture quality, more comfortable to watch
■ ultra wide viewing angle, larger viewing range of display screen, clear and distinguishable viewing picture at any angle
■ it can be divided into outdoor LED display and indoor LED display